Because individuals often use Twitter as a place to share their feelings and thoughts, analyzing these short blocks of text can be helpful in determining general sentiment towards particular political candidates. I sought to perform sentiment analysis on a database of nearly 200,000 tweets for each major party candidate (Joe Biden for the Democrats and incumbent Donald Trump for the Republicans) in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The key questions I wanted to examine were:

  1. What are the major events that would spark debate around the two candidates?

As the vaccine rollout progresses, we see a number of states being significantly more successful than others. The central question is then, is this due to poor government execution or rather because of more ingrained vaccination related fears in the population (whether that’s related to worries about the speed at which the COVID-19 vaccine was developed, cultural mistrust due to historical abuses, or other social factors).

To attempt to determine the answer to this question, I utilized a variety of data sources. The CDC conveniently provides vaccination related data by state which will allow us to measure the efficacy of…

Mahak Sethi

OIDD-245-002 Student at the University of Pennsylvania

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